Sunlight, Star Bright

They say his light is so bright it must be the sunshine, filling each day with his brightness and care. But I think he is the star shine breaking through even the darkest of nights with love, wonder and protection. ~Leah

And That was That

So I walked through my apartment door alone, lost and with the stale taste of regret on my lips. You see I’d got back from the night before of drunken kisses and I love you’s. But when I closed your door and I turned to leave you be, I knew that I’d never see you... Continue Reading →

The Second Best Day Of My Life!

I have long been putting off writing this post, simply because I don't have enough words to talk about it. But it's time. I don't have any photos or videos to share of the experience, I'm more of a watch it and enjoy the memory kinda girl. I don't enjoy watching though a camera lens... Continue Reading →

Seven Nation Strings

Okay so I understand that at this point, if you are someone who follows along my posts, you may well be thinking- 'She claims to be a music student, but I haven't seen anything musical yet'. I'm working on it. (I am actually just nervous to share things I have done as that is not... Continue Reading →


He pulled me closer to him and looked through my eyes into my soul, He smiled and his eyes reflected all the times he'd been hurt, and one by one those images melted away. He twisted my hair around my ear removing it from the place it had fallen onto my face, And it was... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Favourite Books Of All Time 

I have done my fair share of reading in my years, there have been some books that I just can't stop talking about. Don't get me wrong I have disliked my fair share of books too but that is a discussion for another time. For now let's talk about all the books I love, well... Continue Reading →

Some people like like the colour blue,In all different types of hue,Others prefer the colour red,It is often said,But I just like you.~Leah

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