Is it better to love or be loved?

Recently I asked a friend of mine a question which has been playing on my mind ever since. It was 4am and the conversation topics had ever gradually become deeper and more revealing. There is so much you can learn about a human in the early hours of the morning, there is something about the daylight that brings a mask to everyone, a front they present. At 4am though, that security has been removed and the possibilities are endless. So we was rambling on asking each other questions and when it got to my turn to ask, I simply said: ‘Is it better to love or be loved?’. 

On one hand to be loved is always the goal. To make an impression on someone and for it to be so good that they can do nothing but breathe you in and love you, in any kind of relationship, is incredible. To be loved, to know that somebody appreciates you and cares for you is wonderful. However, to love someone, oh to love someone. To fill your whole body with love and let the positivity shine out of you like a sun breaking through on a cloudy day is the greatest feeling. To breathe in a person entirely and love them for who they are is the best thing we as humans can do.

So without a hesitation my answer was simple, it is always better to love.

To love somebody and never have it reciprocated is one of the most soul destroying things. To give your everything to a person, to tell them how you feel and expose yourself is tough. The mask of content shields us from being hurt. But content isn’t always how we feel.

To want to be loved is within human nature, we all just want to be loved. But we can not choose how people see us, we can only make choices through life and hope that people see that we are good. To love another is to give them a part of you and let them run with it wherever they may go. To love someone without conditions is a wonderful feeling, so embrace it.

 To love is one of the greatest things humans are capable of. 

How would you answer?

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