After 3 years… I have finally completed my degree!

So 3 years ago I arrived at a university in Liverpool City Centre, after moving 100  miles away from the place I called home. I was placed into a flat of 7 people and that was that. So much has happened over the years let me tell you about some of it…


First Year

First year was an interesting time for me as a person and here’s the clichés (and believe me I hate them I really hate clichés) but I really grew as a person. It was my first time away from home and the first time I had to take on the world by myself. In my flat of 7 I met two of the best people I know: Max and Tom. This year was filled with a sick-to-the-stomach, homesick feeling and a load of pranks that the three of us pulled on one another, but I’ll tell you all about that another time. I fell flat on my feet and started running as they say. I was independent and I was having such a good time! The course was great; the people were great; the food I was cooking for myself could be identified as edible. Life was good. I got to see so much of the city as Max and Tom were both from the area. We drank, we laughed and we had the best time. First year was great I fell in love with this stunning city and the people I encountered along the way.


Second Year

Second year saw me move into a house of 5. Five girls at that. With our matching mugs (gross I know) we moved into our little house which is an experience all in itself. You may be wondering why I’m calling our house an experience and well you won’t really realise it until you’ve stood in it- but our house is so wonky oh and it is falling down. To the point where my younger brother found much amusement in the fact his ball rolled down the corridor. The house is the strangest places I’ve lived but I’ve grown to love it and the people inside. The memories of this street will never die. We had some tough challenges students are often faced with: we had some extra tenants who weren’t paying their share of rent in the form of mice and silver fish. Oh and we personally met all 4 Beatles and safely removed them from our house. We were big on singing- maybe down to the fact 3 of us were music students? We wrote songs, we cried and we laughed until we couldn’t laugh any more.

Third Year

Even though this is my most recent year of completion, this is also the one I remember the least about socially (what third year has a social life Amiright?) and the most about academically. But honestly, some of my greatest achievements happened this year. I completed a 10,000 word dissertation! I didn’t even think I knew 10,000 words but here we are, I was a flautist in 2 musicals, I composed a piece of music which was performed alongside dancers, the Philharmonic Orchestra played my work! I was featured in a festival and I found out more about David Bowie than I ever cared to know. This year has been intense but I’m also so proud of myself and all the things I achieved that I didn’t realise I could. I improved at the flute. (I can actually play pieces now!) We continued to live in our wonky house having grown fond of it and we hardly even notice any more. So strange to think that I only have a few weeks left here in this house if which so many memories were made. Sad as it may be, I’m excited for my next adventure!

(This photo contains some of the best people I know)


University has honestly been the best experience. I haven’t always had the best time: I’ve been homesick, there’s been arguments and sometimes I didn’t even know why my lecturers were cracking on about. And yet, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. University has been the best thing and I have some stories I will treasure forever. Long live all the magic we made. Who knows maybe I’ll even write about some of them.


Should you be going to university just know:

  • Where you’re from will spark more conversations than I care to count. (Unless you’re from a city nobody knows where it is  which will spark a new debate.)
  • It’s not a birthday unless someone brings out a Colin the caterpillar cake.
  • You will have different names for the same words your friends have. Stand by your own words and defend them.
  • Cheese and cereals are more expensive than you think.
  • The midlands are a thing embrace them.
  • You will meet some of the best people along the way.
  • You might even meet the worst- Learn from them both what to do and what not to do.
  • It will be the best time of your life if you allow it to be, it will be over before you know it- enjoy every second of it.

The Final Bow (We’re music students okay)


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