Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with all things magical. This deep rooted love has developed in the start from my family, and our constant belief in magic. I grew up with stories of magic and mermaids and fairies and I had a sizeable imagination that went along side it. My teachers at primary school always said “she’s an intelligent girl but runs too far with that imagination of hers.” If I was being honest, I haven’t lost that imagination and belief in magic as I have grown older I simply know how to control it better. Doesn’t that make it sound like a deadly weapon? All the same I saw a writing prompt that said rewrite a fairy tail classic. Having grown up with fairytales, and having a love of them so fetched in my life it started with childhood I didn’t want to change any of them! To me they were the foundations of the happiness to the magic in my mind after all anything was possible.Then I remembered one fairy tail that I didn’t much like. That was when I knew I could change this story that had guarded my childhood dreams. So I did and here are the results. Re-write a classic fairy tale:  The ugly duckling
Once upon a time, on a beautiful spring morning a mother duck was keeping a watchful eye over her eggs, her soon to be ducklings. It was that time of year were all the ducklings started to hatch, and this year it was no exception. Slowly one by one little ducklings hopped, skipped and jumped out of there shells. The baby ducklings were all so happy and cherpy “cheep cheep” they cried in delight. Mother duck was proud of her 5 little ducklings, well all but one. Her little ducklings looked at her and she couldn’t help but notice that one of them looked different from the rest. In stead of cute yellow little fluffy feathers this duckling was as grey and dull as ducks came. Instead of letting out a “cheep” in delight this duckling honked, quacked screeched and squeaked! It was the most dreadful sound you could have ever heard. How can that duckling be one of mine? Mother duck wondered. “He’s so big and ugly!” All the other ducklings picked on the duckling calling him names and told him how he didn’t belong there. The duckling was sad all the time, and so the duckling swam away to be alone. Looking at its reflection, the duckling wondered why none of the others looked like him, why he was ugly. The duckling had never felt so alone. A few days past and soon the duckling hated everything about itself. To his surprise, another duckling came along. This duckling was bright and colourful, bold and made the most beautiful sound that could be herd. This duckling was so beautiful the ugly duckling couldn’t believe his eyes once the beautiful duckling started talking to her. The beautiful duckling told the ugly duckling many things. He taught him how to feel beautiful and happy with himself and his appearance because she was beautiful no matter what anyone else thought. The ugly duckling for the first time in his life felt beautiful so he swam back out in the pond and spoke to the other ducklings. He told them how he accepted the way he was and he was happy. The other ducks stared talking to him and he felt loved! The moral of the story is if you love yourself for who you are, the people around you will love you for you to. The End. Every one of us on the planet is beautiful, and we all have the potential to have a beautiful soul. We should pick people’s spirits up, be kind and love while heartedly. Everyone deserves to be loved. The “ugly” ducking, never was ugly, he just needed to accept himself and his flaws. He didn’t need to change or grow to be different he just needed to love himself. Everyone can be a little kinder, make sure that you are too. Spread love and positivity and radiate good thoughts. No matter what you must love yourself, for there is magic in all of us- keep it alive. I’d love to read any rewritten stories you have done too! Leah

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