It’s funny because it’s 4:03 in the morning, and I’m wide awake. I can’t sleep. I can’t even begin to think about shutting my eyes and salvaging what’s left of these blissful hours that pass in which I shouldn’t even be conscious for. However, there’s yet again too much on my mind and far to many unspoken things I have saved away. Words have a funny way of effecting us. I feel chained by the words I haven’t spoken, but I don’t want to release the negativity into the world of which there is already too much. So instead I lay in bed at night with my head full and my eyes awake and I think of those unspoken words and one by one I sing them to sleep. I cradle and care for them like a mother to her child for I’m scared of the power in which they hold.

Then, as the sun starts to make its first appearance and my eyes are too tired to remain awake I grab a pen and paper and I scribble all of these words down. I take the negativity out of my head because it’s safer not in my head. I empty it of its thoughts and at last I feel like I can sleep.

Three Minutes Past Four in the Morning, whilst most of the world soundly sleeps my mind is alive and lusting to expel all of its contents. It is searching for the peace it will never find.

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