So you spend your money and precious time reading a book. You fall in love with the main characters, the story. You can’t put it down. You’re captivated into this world which you fall in love with. Racing through the pages you need to know how it ends. There’s a selfish desire for all your favourite characters to have a happy and safe ending. You see it now. The words aren’t said but you can almost read the “and they all lived happily ever after”….

Except they don’t. No happy endings. No “happily ever after”. The characters ending isn’t what you thought it was. Worst case scenario you’re actually now sat wherever you was reading, sobbing. Tears streaming down your face. There’s no more pages left and the books over and it’s not the conclusion you was hoping for. It is not the ending you feel like you deserve.

Is it wrong for us to feel cheated out of an ending? You see we go on these adventures with the characters and we fall in love with them and the relationships that they build. We hope for certain outcomes and naturally it’s always the happiest one we can picture, because we form attachments to these characters. We see them almost as friends and we have gone on the sections of life the author exposes us too. They see an ending different to us and in many ways that’s okay. They envision endings that are different to the ones that we see because they develop the characters and tell their stories. But is it wrong to feel like the book should have ended in a different way? After all you put your time into reading the story, therefor this books adventure is just as much yours as it is the characters themselves.

It’s okay that books don’t end the way we wanted because when the last page is turned is the story really over? Just because the author has stopped narrating doesn’t mean the story is over. It means that they have done their job in making you fall in love. Though there’s nothing quite like the emptiness you can feel when you have finished a good book or series. There is nothing that makes that aching gap go away, because you’re longing for the story to carry on.

It’s okay to be invested and yearning to read more. And it’s okay if the story doesn’t end the way you wanted. Just because you didn’t envision that ending, doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. It just means the author felt a different path was needed. But just because the last page turns doesn’t mean the story’s over. Let it be what ever you want it too be. Maybe that book has the ending you want a little after the pages have been turned. Maybe you can get that “happily ever after” after all.

Happy reading!

A blog a day every day in October. That’s the challenge, let’s go!

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