Social media is such a wonderful thing. It gives everybody the opportunity to connect easily and communicate. You can send texts and emails in seconds. You can pass free time with endless scrolling though posts made by your friends and you can further show your appreciation through likes and comments. You can arrange meetings and you can stay up to date. But is that really being “social”?

I believe there’s a problem with social media. I think the issue is we’re forgetting how to communicate without the use of technology.

It’s simple. The problem with social media is simply that it’s preventing us from being social. The irony! Social media is so controlled and filtered and washed down. You’re only seeing the perfect parts of a persons life. So are we really connecting if you don’t know how people feel? People feel more emotions than just happy and grateful and yet those are the only ones represented online.

The phrase “pictures or it didn’t happen” has started to become one that haunts our generations. There is a constant need to validate the things we see and do. The feeling of having to prove and validate is one like no other. The people onlooking are then stuck having to compare their lives against the posts that they have seen. They are left wondering if their experiences are as good.

There are so many people who fear posting on the basis that “it won’t get enough likes”. As if the number of people who have seen and enjoyed the post make it more worthy than if these people had not have seen it.

I can see the positives. We can use social media as a way of connecting and communicating with people and staying up to date with the world. We can easily get in touch with family and friends all over the world. We can make new friends based on our interests. But are we staying social and connecting if really all you are seeing is a filtered version of someone’s reality.

But we all second guess and double check our posts without processing the fact that we want to post something because we can. Instead we fear being judged or not being recognised. The thought process of- well if it didn’t reach x amount of people then you have failed and the post isn’t valid. Double checking how well your posts are going against previous ones that have been posted.

The mindset that social media leaves us with can be toxic, if not careful. The way we see ourselves can seriously be altered by social media and the standards it sets. Many people receive abuse also which has been sent anonymously. It is younger children who suffer from this the most, and yet they only want the social media to fit in with everyone else. So sometimes it is difficult to see any positives when they are surrounded by this negative mindset.

I fear that it’s the twenty first century and the only thing we lack in is communication.

More and more people are seen with phones in their hands. They are found posting things as they happen. Taking photos and videos none stop, instead of enjoying the time they have. Phones are taking over. People are going out with friends and instead of talking they are sat on their phones. It is almost as if we have lost the ability to communicate with people whilst in their company. We are loosing the art of conversation. Public transport which was once a place filled with conversation and the introductions of strangers is instead filled with people focusing solely on their phones.

I wish for us to go back to a time where people spoke to one another and could still have a good time. I wish for a safer space for people where they don’t feel the urge to validate themselves for the amusement of others.

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    1. Thank you! We must make sure that we don’t loose the ability to talk to others and hold a conversation with the people around is instead of counting the likes and and comments we have.


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