So I was scrolling through blogs in my spare time reading a few of the posts, as I always do,  when I stumbled across one that inspired me. I found a haiku prompt. It’s a weekly challenge where you can take the words given and write a haiku based on them. Join in with the weekly haiku prompt challenge!

So before giving you the haiku I thought I would give you a little insight into the thought I had before writing this. You turn on the news and the stories are heartbreaking. You open a newspaper and it’s not much better. You see the latest things trending on social media and your heart sinks again. Devastation and heartbreak is everywhere. There are currently so many issues with the world . We have endured many natural disasters recently, politics are up in the air and there is still conflicts between countries. There are  issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, global warming, plastic overuse, animal extinction I could go on. I could fill this while blog with problems were facing. Sometimes I wish we just spread a little love instead of negativity. So here’s the haiku:


We think we choose peace,

But our world is in pieces,

Please. Start spreading love.


As humans we think we choose peace and we think we are looking out for one another but in reality the issues run much deeper. We should start spreading the love and all become a little kinder. There’s always see thing we can do to stop the hatred and negativity. It’s never too late to show compassion.

Spread the Peace and Love.

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