I will admit. I’m scared of a few things, to name a few: spiders, feeling lonely, time going too fast and blank pages.

I’m scared of blank pages.

There’s so many beautifully endless possibilities that can come with a blank page, it is almost overwhelming. You can sit down and draw or write or you can fold the paper creating artwork or you can piece them together to make a book. The possibilities are endless and with that comes a great responsibility. Because with endless possibility comes a responsibility to do something wonderful.

I’m sure I’m not alone in fearing the emptiness of a blank page. It’s so difficult to be creative when you’re faced with a blank page because, where do you start?

You may have this idea in your head if the perfect story or artwork or poem or musical theme, but you can’t translate it onto the page. It’s so easy to become disheartened. That’s what’s so scary about blank pages, having the idea you can’t see through. Having the idea but having no clue where to start.

Blank pages come with an endless possibility that is trapped and controlled by our minds putting boundaries in place. These boundaries that we set ourselves blocking the creativity can be overwhelming. Starting something is always the hardest.

But it can be done. Let your mind loose and feel free just to write or draw or fold or cut or scribble or doodle or rip or glue. Just let whatever creative desire comes, happen. Take out the block that happens and just start, you can always edit it or start it again if it goes wrong.

Take your mind for a walk on the page, you may just be amazed at what comes out of it. Don’t let the blank page intimidate you.

I’m no longer afraid of the blank page. I just sit and create. I do what makes me happy and that’s how it should be.

Take inspiration and creativity for a wonder and set your mind free. See what magic you can make with a blank page. The possibilities are endless.

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