Let me introduce you to this side of my skin.

It’s blemished and red tinged it’s pale and thin.

This side of my skin, that everyone sees.

It isn’t everything that makes up me.

The outside seems stern and cold to the touch.

But that doesn’t give me credit for much.

I may seem unapproachable, cold and dismissive.

But be carful because you might just miss it.

For the insides are squidgy, they are caring and warm.

And when I feel anger, there builds a thunderstorm.

Though, the weather inside is mostly sunny.

Inviting and happy and often quite funny.

But that’s the side most people don’t see.

And that’s the way I like it to be.

For if people see you’re lovely, they will only use you for your heart.

But I think I I’ve known right from the start.

After all, that’s why your rib cage protects your heart.

A hard exterior protecting the most delicate parts.

This skin on the outside doesn’t just make up me.

And that’s just how I think it should be.


It’s almost like there’s two of me, one when you first meet me that everyone gets to know. Then the chosen me that I’ll show a few people. That’s just how it is. I’m quite often scared of being mistreated and not looked after, because like all humans I’m fragile too. So I put up this cold exterior that would make it seem like I don’t care. Though I’m one of the most caring people you meet, to some people.

The skin on the outside isn’t just what makes up me. As with all of us. We are not just skin, we are feelings that we can and sometimes can’t control. We are all delicate and loving towards the right people. Protect yourselves like a rib cage protects the heart because we’re easy to break if not careful. Humans are delicate souls, treat each other with so much kindness and care there’s not enough of it in this world today. But you must also protect yourself. If you’re in a damaging situation, please put yourself first and get out of it. If you are being mistreated or used or hurt than you must take yourself out of that situation. Put yourself first. Be kind but be vigilant. If you don’t look after yourself, who will treat you as you should? Treat yourself as you would treat your best friends. With all the love and kindness in the world.

Humans looking after other humans, just as it should be.

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