She was three moves away from checkmate,

The path was clear to see,

All she had to do was count them out,

One two and three, how simple it would be.

But things aren’t always easy,

That’s not how this game ends,

For he could also make the move,

And end the game right there.

Both people three steps away,

The same hunger in their eyes,

They could see the steps they needed to make,

But to the other they were blind.

If only they’d have looked,

She’d have seen his piece right there,

And if he had scanned the board,

He would have seen her cohort.

Though just a game of chess,

Both people learnt that day,

Take your time to stop a bit,

Always stop to look around.

Life has a bad tendency of moving full speed a head and often it can feel like we aren’t ready to move on as fast. It’s important that we take the time to stop and look around us at the people we meet and situations we find ourselves in. Its easy to let life get the best of you and run full speed ahead. Though it is important to take the time to stop and make the most of the opportunities we have on offer. Don’t let someone else get within three steps of your checkmate, stop and look and see what’s happening. You may be able to impact the situation before it happens.

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