It’s funny because I’ve just moved into a new house where we currently do not have any internet. It’s only a few days temporarily, but it’s amazing how lost you can feel without it. We don’t have a tv licence or internet just yet and I feel like I’m missing out. Yet it’s funny because there’s a million other things I could be doing. Should be doing. I should be unpacking and making my room lovely. I should be studying though I’ll let myself off for that one, whilst I have many a book to read, we don’t have desk chairs. I should be cooking and meal prepping. I should be reading stories and making the most of my time before uni starts back up. However, here I am without a proper connection to the internet wondering how I’d cope if the internet just suddenly stopped working world wide. How would people cope? We have become, as a species, so dependant on technology and the internet, that I don’t think we would last too well without it. Which brings me to the point of how is something so great also the biggest reversal of independence we have had. Something so revolutionary has instead become this thing we rely on in order to live our daily lives. There’s nothing else quite like it and it’s scary to see the control it has over our lives. So here’s the deal. Let’s all try and be on the internet less. I’m not saying never use and enjoy it, but certainly we can find ways to do it less. Let’s go back to a time where we could function without reliance on the technology. Let’s switch it off more and switch into life instead. Find what you love and embrace it. Maybe you want to read more, or create things, or explore or write or exercise or try something new. Do it! I challenge you to switch off even just for a short time each day. Find some joy in each day.

Technology can be such an amazing thing. But then again. So is living.

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