It’s Christmas!

Well no, actually it’s not. But commercially Christmas has begun. Everything is up in full swing. The selection boxes are on the shelves, mince pies are making a comeback and wrapping paper is on offer. That’s basically means it’s Christmas. I know you’re thinking, but wait- where did November go surely it was October a second ago? Well, fear not. For you haven’t missed a month, Christmas is just coming round a little earlier this year. I’m not sure how to feel.

As soon as the temperatures drop anything below 17 degrees it’s practically Christmas. Shops have started stocking and displaying Christmas merchandise. Officially it has begun…

Now there’s two sides to this case which I can see. For one, I understand that people like to buy their Christmas shopping over the span of months, on the lead up. Christmas is expensive, and not everyone has the ability to just splash out last minute to make the Christmas magic they think they are buying into. I understand that Christmas comes with a hefty price and having it out from October means that it can be spread over 3 or so months. I understand.

However, on the other hand, Christmas is making its way into our shelves earlier and earlier each year. But this makes Christmas itself less. For by the time December rolls around people are fed up with the Christmas songs and the sales and the wrapping paper. Christmas is loosing it’s touch, and arguably it’s because commercially it’s available too soon. Each year, Christmas comes again, earlier than the year before. Soon, it will be coming out in summer! Well it won’t, but it does feel like Christmas is somewhat ruined by the fact it’s around too long.

Now, I understand the expense part of it. I do. However if all you’re worried about is how much you’ve brought then some how I think you’ve missed the point. Christmas isn’t about spending loads of money on what shops and what society tells us we have to have to, in order to make it Christmas. Christmas is about being with the people you love and telling them you appreciate them. They don’t need big fancy presents they just need good company. You could try hand making something instead of spending loads. It’s not about how much you spend on someone it’s that you thought about them.

So spend this Christmas thinking about the less fortunate. Let’s think about the homeless and the elderly who are alone. It’s not about how much you spend. It’s about appreciating those around you. Christmas has become this commercial money grabbing holiday. We’re missing the point. Let’s bring back Christmas. Let’s look after the less fortunate and spread love. Then the Christmas magic will come alive on its own.

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