Another week has passed and so it is time again for another haiku prompt. It’s so interesting to see people’s take on the challenge words- which this week are Rise and Fall. If you would like to have a go at the weekly haiku challenge, you can Join in here. The link will take you to see the full rules and also other people’s work, so you can have a read and see what other people make of the prompt. That’s the best part if you ask me as everyone is so different and unique. Every writes about different life experiences that have effected them. Creativity is something that amazes me. Anyway enough on that here’s my take:

I don’t have to fall,

In order for you to rise,

Let’s stand together.

Society is so “cut throat” there’s people tearing each other apart in order to succeed. There will be people who come into your life just to watch you fail. They will do whatever it takes to push you down and gain success and a “leverage” if you will from your demise.

This planet has over 7 billion people on it. Yet, I honestly believe there is room for all 7 billion plus of us to be successful and happy in our own rights. We can stand together.

You don’t need to push me down, tear me apart and watch me fall. There’s room for us all to rise into our full potential. We can all stand together.

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