Books are wonderful things, whether they are fiction or non-fiction they are captivating and can hold your attention for a while. I do not think that there is much better than a good book. Which, is why it leaves me so unbelievably heartbroken when somebody comes along and just tells you how it ends. They ruin what is a perfectly good book.

I became a victim to this only recently. I was reading a 4 book series. I was enjoying said 4 book series and had read up to the last one. Once getting on the bus somebody who had already read the series struck up a conversation with me about how much she loved the series. We spoke for a little while and then right before she got off the bus she told me the ending.

I was fuming. This series has taken me so long to read and I was really enjoying reading again. But somebody thought they would come along and just take that away from me. The ending is the best past because you’ve seen the story play out and now you get to see how the story ends. To have that taken away from you is quite something.

The worst part of it all? I don’t even like how the series ends! I’m really struggling to pick the book back up now to continue reading it. The issue with that is that I’d quite like to finish it for myself as I have come this far into the series. Equally I enjoy finishing books before starting a new one. So I’m stuck reading a book I already know I do not like the ending of, unable to begin a new book like I so wish too because I’d like to read the last one.

I don’t understand why people feel the need to ruin the ending for someone. They got the joy of reading and discovering the ending for themselves but then choose to take that away from someone else. It is okay to feel disappointed in an ending, sometimes the authors see different endings for the characters than you do. And that is okay that is human nature, to have those different opinions. But ruining the ending of a book for someone else just doesn’t feel acceptable.

Yet, this isn’t even the first time it has happened, this kind of thing has been happening to me all my life. Sometimes people do not intend to ruin the ending for you because they do not realise that they are doing it. Sometimes people get so excited they jump to talk about he book forgetting you may by have read as much as them. However, some people do realise what they are doing and they continue to do it anyway.

To those people. Please stop.

Let people read in their own time and make what they will of the undisturbed ending. Let them finish the adventure they started for themselves. Don’t be that person that ruins books. Talk about books and stories and authors. But don’t give away endings to books people are reading or are planning to read. Please, let them have the adventure.

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  1. I guess the great thing about books is that you get to travel “with” the characters and get to identify with them, and when you already know the ending, that’s not as fun anymore, maybe because you’re double as aware it’s “just” a book? It’s harder to identify with it, knowing the ending has always been the same?


    1. I love the adventures you get to go on, you never know where you’re gonna end up. That’s the exciting thing about books, sometimes what you see happening with the characters other people won’t. The author doesn’t even write the most obvious path sometimes hence the shattering plot twists. But when you know the ending you’re right it’s not as exciting any more. It’s funny because the like you say they text has always been the same, the story doesn’t change- but your opinion on it suddenly does. Also if we know the ending, we are less lightly to enjoy the book because you start linking things together and suddenly nothing is a surprise anymore. That’s why we read books in the order the story is told. To give enough information but not give away the story. How interesting would it be for an author to write a book that it didn’t matter the order in which you read the chapters you’d end up with different versions of the story? Books are amazing because you can loose yourself in a story, but how quickly illusion that can be dropped and you realise you’re reading a book not lost in the story.

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