Another week has passed and so it is time again for another haiku prompt. Although this week I have written a tanka. It’s so interesting to see people’s take on the challenge words- which this week are Art and Compass. If you would like to have a go at the weekly haiku challenge, you can Join In here. The link will take you to see the full rules and also other people’s work, so you can have a read and see what other people make of the prompt. That’s the best part if you ask me as everyone is so different and unique. Every writes about different life experiences that have effected them. Creativity is something that amazes me. Anyway enough on that here’s my take:

The stars all aligned,

The compass showed her way home,

The journey was far,

The art in the sky lead her,

Safely back into his arms.

I recently moved back away from home in order to continue studying. If you have read some of my recent posts you’ll realise that I get home sick very easily. While growing up my Nan always used to talk to me about stars. To her, I was always her little star. We used to have this thing about following at stars and loving them and that’s why they’ve always have a big connection to everything I write.

Sometimes when I’m feeling really homesick I believe I can follow the stars all the way back home to my brother who I miss wholeheartedly. He doesn’t like phoning me when I’m away from home because it reminds him of just how far away I am. But it’s so wonderful when I do get the opportunity to see him.

So as we used to say when the stars started to come out at night:

Star light, star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonight.

I wish my family safe and my brother happy 💫

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