As I mentioned my wonderful family came up for the weekend to see me as I was unable to get home due to work loads extinguishing normal capacities. We had a wonderful few days going around the area and having a tour of Liverpool. Though not a conventional tour. You won’t find this tour any where else.

My Grandad is from Liverpool and so he took us on a tour around all the places he grew up. We had a tour of Liverpool through the eyes of a growing boy into meeting my Nan and then finally as a young newly wed couple. And can I say, it was touching.

We embarked on this adventure in order to take my Grandad back to the days of his youth. We stoped off at the house he used to live in, his local pubs, the old cinema which is now a gym. We went to Southport to see his old school and then to the football ground his Dad had taken him too. 70 years later I can confirm he is every bit the same in love with the club as he was back then. (I can not disclose the team that is mind Liverpool do take there football seriously) We stopped off at the house my Grandparents lived in before moving down to their current address. It was something else watching my Grandad get ever so much more excited with every stop as more memories rushed back to him.

And then it got me thinking. Firstly, how lucky I am to have such wonderful and caring, kind and beautiful souls for Grandparents. I’m so lucky to have the family I do. But also, how interesting it was that my Grandad left Liverpool about the same age I am now. Similarly like I left my home to come to Liverpool. Maybe one day I’ll do the same thing with my family, I’ll take them in a tour of my younger years. Perhaps these days that I don’t think much off, I will reminisce fondly about. Time is one of the biggest things we take for granted. Nothing in life is guaranteed, not even tomorrow. So we should make the most of the people around us while they are still around and while we are too.

Life is to short, tell the people you love how you feel and stay in contact with the people you care for regularly.

Each day is a new opportunity, what are you going to do with today’s?

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