And so the thirty first of this month has rolled round, and that means that this is the last blog of the month.

I blogged everyday this month.
Sorry, I think I just left a typo.
Because who knew I could blog every day in a month?
I didn’t!

But you know, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be! There were some days I didn’t know what to write about, but I found inspiration in the people around me! My favourite post to write was probably: Rewriting Stories 2. I love being creative and this was perfect for that. I’m hoping to continue this “series” though my time blogging.

Something else I picked up along the way was the haiku prompt. The latest one being Haiku Prompt: Strike and Hunger. I am planning on keeping this feature as well.

The things that I learnt from doing this challenge is that there’s always something to write about and the people around you can inspire you to write. You just have to look! I started paying attention to my surroundings more and I actually put my phone down and lived in the moment for the month. Well, apart from when I was blogging!

However, the thing I really learnt was blogging isn’t about how many people read and comment on your posts. Or how many people like and share them, it is about writing and creating because you want too. The further into the month I got, the less I was watching the stats and the more I was just enjoying writing.

So that brings me to the future. I’m not going to leave a schedule of when I’ll post because I don’t know when I will. And honestly, I probably wouldn’t keep to it anyway. So I’m going to leave it open as I’ll blog when I want to and as I want to about the things I want to. When things inspire me to write I will.

Though the haiku prompt will happen every Monday and at least once a month I’ll rewrite a story!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog everyday in a month challenge as much as I have.

Thank you. 💫

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