She added a charm to her bracelet,
For every life that she took, 
Though, she didn't have a favourite, 
As it was her personal scrapbook. 

The bracelet told her story, 
Of the boys who fell in love, 
The charms were the all glory,
She still often thinks of.

The boys were represented,
In the charms, it was clear to see,
The bracelet she invented,
Could never set them free.

Once a boy fell in love,
His path was all laid out,
That feeling she would get rid of,
Of that there was no doubt.

She killed the boys who loved her, 
And added a charm to her wrist,
But then along came you,
A love story with a twist. 

He said the words, "I love you",
His fate almost set in stone,
But when she went to kill him, 
Her mind was not her own.

This boy she could not kill,
For she was falling in love, 
And unlike all the others,
He is the guy she had been dreaming of.

Usually when boys got to close,
She would push them astray,
And if they said they loved her, 
Their lives, she would take away. 

She stopped putting charms on her bracelet,
For, no more lives she took, 
This is the story of a girl, 
A girl who finally fell in love. 


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