There is this 80 year old woman,
Living on my street,
Except every time I see her,
She's always on her feet.

She's searching day and night,
All seven days a week,
She's looking for her brother,
She lost playing hide and seek.

She often tells her story,
Of the day he disappeared,
She says it happened years ago,
Something horrible happened, she feared. 

One minute she was counting,
Counting down to one,
But when she went to find him,
He was already gone.

She was nearly eight,
Her brother barley even six,
But not a day goes by,
Where her brother isn't missed.

She has looked for him for years,
In fact she hasn't stopped a day,
All she ever thinks about,
Is the day he went away.

I volunteered to help her,
Many say she's out her mind,
But I don't mind looking,
To people we should be kind.

For two years I went to help her,
We was looking every day,
And then one day she didn't show,
The day she passed away.

I continued with her quest,
I went looking every day,
And then I went to where she rested,
And said the things I had to say.

One afternoon I was sat with her,
And in the corner of my eye,
Was a massive blossom tree, 
I decided to stop by.

I couldn't believe my eyes,
For there infront of me,
Was the grave of her brother,
There for all to see.

She finally found her brother,
The lady wasn't mad,
Just grieving the loss,
Of everything she had.

We never know the full story,
Of all the people we meet,
Be kind and caring to all,
Look after the people on your street.

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