I never used to like coffee, 
I've always fancied tea,
But since starting a masters,
It's usually a coffee for me.

Remeber that time, around summer when I was all “woo I’m going to be doing a masters”? You know when I mean. Well. I was wrong, I have made a terrible mistake and I would like to revert my original opinion.

That, to the untrained eye may appear a little on the dramatic side, and to you my friend I would say, you’re right, it is a little dramatic. But imagine a senario where you for some unknown reason, late at night decide to suddenly switch out your favourite drink. This lovely drink which you had happily been enjoying for over a decade suddenly gone for something you really disliked?

That is where my level of stress it at currently and I don’t really know if I can change it. That being said, I do love the masters and learning and researching I could just do with a little less of the coursework.

I hope life is treating you well and you are all happy and healthy.


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