Surprise! Look what is making a comeback. Here we go again with the fairytale changeup. These fables and fairy tales were great when I was growing up because often they ended with a moral. It’s only now as I have gotten older that I’ve started to see the holes in some of the stories and realised that maybe they haven’t always got the best message. So I’m doing something about it. Last time I rewrote Jack and the Beanstalk. Well, this time we’re wandering into the woods…. who knows what we will find! Here’s my variation anyway. Rewrite a classic fairytale: Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Once upon a time, there was a family of bears. Two bears had fallen in love and decided to raise a cub. They had built their little house and built up a good life for themselves. One morning, just before breakfast, mother bear suggested that the family took a walk so they could spend some time together as a family. Well, that is just what they did, they wrapped up warm and left the house to go on a walk. The Mother bear had left the porridge on the side to cool down so it would be the perfect temperature when they returned from their winter morning stroll. 

That same morning, a young girl with bright blonde locks of hair, decided to go on an adventure. Her father was set to join her, as young children shouldn’t be running off through forests on their own. Her father had made sure that he had given her a nutritional breakfast before they left the house. Everyone knows that for an adventurer to complete their best work, they must first eat well. Just to be on the safe side, the girl nicknamed Goldilocks due to her long blonde hair, packed a bag filled with enough fruit for the pair of them and some extra just in case they got hungry. They made sure they wrapped up with their warmest jumpers and coats and they ran out of the door laughing.

Not too long into their adventure, to see what they could find, the pair of explorers stumbled across a house in the forest. The house was just down the road from their own, but they had never seen who lived there before. Though they were polite people so they decided to keep their distance. It is not polite to go up inviting yourself to peoples houses you don’t know. Just as they were continuing down the path talking about where they were going to run off to next, the three bears who were just returning from their winter morning stroll, walked down the path and ended up face to face with the father and daughter duo.

“Good Morning to you,” the father said to the three bears, “I hope you’re having a fine morning on this winter day.” He said with a smile on his face. He was a polite man who always made an effort to talk to the people he met on the street. You never know whose day you will make by taking the time just to say hello. He loved to see other families taking the opportunity to spend time together and go outside and explore and play. Since Goldilocks mother had left, he tried his best for his only child, best of all he enjoyed taking her into the great outdoors as they spent quality time together. The largest of the bears smiled, ” Good Morning, you must be our neighbours, we are new to the area and thought we would go and explore.” The father bear looked across at his wife and smiled. As he did so, the little girl exclaimed: “We’re exploring too!” She looked up to her dad admiringly, he was the best explorer she knew.

The mother bear looked at the pair stood in front of them. “We were just going to go in and have some porridge, would you fancy joining us?” The father smiled at his daughter, “what do you say champ, all of this exploring is tiring work, would you like some porridge?” Goldilocks, pulling the bag from her back looked towards the three bears and cheered “We brought fruit! We can put that in the porridge to make the best explorers food!”

The five explorers all went into the little house and sat at the table. Mother bear served the porridge and fruit to all at the table. The smallest bear, who hadn’t said anything yet as he was a little shy turned to Goldilocks and asked her what she thought to the porridge. “Just right” she responded. The father said to the three bears, that he and his daughter went out exploring every Saturday morning, and wondered if the bears would like to join them.

So if you go out into the forest, you might just see five explorers searching for something new. Once the morning draws to a close they return to the house for porridge and fruit. The two families do most things together as Goldilocks and the little bear became the best of friends.

The End.

The moral of the story is be kind to others always, you never know who you might meet and where that might lead you.

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