It is another bringht monday lunchtime, and so that means it is time for another Hiaku Prompt. This week, the words are Narrow and Minded. I really enjoy doing these and if it is something you would be interested in trying, you can Join in.

Once you click the link you will be taken to another page where you can read the rules and also see links to other peoples works. Thats the best part! It is so interesting to see how we can all take the same two words and create competley different results. With that being said here is my attempt.

Sometimes in our minds, 
We walk down the narrow paths, 
Then we become trapped. 

I usually use this poetry prompt as a way of commenting on humanity and futher talk after about my views on the world. This week, with so much happening in the media about various topics the words just fell perfectly to match this. There are a lot of narrow minded people when it comes to certain topics, these people who hold such strong views they believe there is no other approach to the topic. However, if we allow ourselves to evaluate the situation from all angles and understand where the other opnions are coming from, together we can find a solution that works well for a number of people. If we allow ourselves the time to clear our minds and look at the bigger picture progress can be made, we just have to become open minded. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your opinion, and that it doesn’t matter, just that your way isn’t the only way. Someone else’s opinion may help to educate yours.

We’re all just humans trying our best.

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