A girl who tries to hard, to be something that she's not,
A guy who thinks that I, have moved on and forgot. 
Someone I thought was a friend, but turns out I was wrong, 
A group of friends who randomly would burst out into song. 

A girl who cut her hair, to change the way she feels, 
A couple who fell in love, head over heels, 
And a girl who didn't fit, and obviously I hope you see, 
That girl on her own, well that girl was me. 

There was a girl who was full of life, everywhere she goes, 
You kind of wish she had, some sort of calmed down mode, 
A boy who has been by my side, since the very day we met, 
And thousands of people we haven't met yet. 

We are all just humans, trying to get by, 
A group of people, I thought we're friends of mine, 
Though we were wrong, I've learnt so much more, 
Just a group of misfits, I knew from before.

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