The Keeper of Memories and Me

A man sits relaxed at a desk with a key, 
But what that key controls is no mystery, 
People will travel across the land, 
Just to use the key placed in this man's hand. 

The key can take and lock away, 
Any memory from before that day, 
A memory that once haunted and has stayed, 
A memory that is taken away to be weighed. 

For each memory we have makes up part of our soul 
And without  that weight we are left unwhole, 
For the memories we have come at a price, 
But they hurt us then shape us and guide us through life. 

A girl walks in and asks to use the magic key,
'Are you sure?' the man asks, it will no longer be, 
The girl stops to think and the room fills with her silence, 
What memory will she use further for guidance? 

The walls of the room roll though like a tape, 
The memory is playing in front of her face, 
Tears start to roll from her eyes to the floor, 
She doesn't want to lose the memory any more. 

The memory she has, though it is bad, 
Reminds her of everything she once had, 
She walks out the office and closes the door, 
A girl who wants to keep her memories forevermore. 

Would you trade your memories in?

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