Adventures for You

Somedays I wish I could spend the hours 
Searching, and diving, going to space climbing towers, 
I wish I saw dragons and swords made of steel, 
And all of the things people tell me aren't real. 

I wish I could walk into the the ember flames and fire, 
And spend a day in the life of the people I admire,
I wish I went to castles, houses in the woods too, 
I wish I could go on an adventure with you. 

But that's the part that really does come true, 
And it is easier then I believed I knew, 
For adventure lies in the pages of a book, 
And I can't help but start and get hooked. 

The stories will take you to distant lands, 
And throw you off the plot you thought you saw planned, 
Books are full of magic, and adventure waits for you, 
So when will you find the time to run away too? 

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