Little Globes of Light

If you have read though a few of my poems, or you know me really will you know I have an absolute fascination with stars. This is something I have always had since a child and thinking about it probably stems from the fact my Grandparents call me their ‘Little Star’. This is a name I have not outgrown since becoming an adult, to this day they still address my cards ‘To Our Little Star’. Stars have always had an important prominence in civilizations throughout centuries, it seems that humans have always been fascinated with them, I guess it is good to see that I am not alone.

But what is it that make stars so fascinating? I have taken the liberty to talk here about the top 3 reasons I love these little globes of light.

3. Stars actually have their own centers of gravity, meaning that they quite literally can pull themselves together. Each individual star holds itself together and consequently there is no way of other stars ruining the trajectory. Each star can self sufficiently support itself within the context of a community of self sufficient stars. I guess I have always liked the idea of being able to support myself but still have people close. That concept of being alone, but not being lonely. Stars seem to have it down.

2. They are little globes of light. Within the history of mankind, these little luminous globes have been misrepresented to portray a shape that we commonly recognise. Though, this certainly makes it interesting, it takes away from the true beauty of stars. These wonderful luminous self contained globes are so beautiful in their own right. This may be why humans often declare things ‘Written in The Stars’ they hope the globes of light will lead them to where they are meant to be.

1.We’re all made of stardust. Every single one of us are made of the same components of stardust. I always hope that it will help me to shine though each day and I wish upon a star that I make the right decisions. As we are made of stardust what this really means is that I need to trust myself and the choices I make.

Stars will probably always remain an important aspect as they have always been. I guess, as humans, we can learn a lot from them. May they long watch over us and act as little globes of light showing us the way forward.

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