The Recipe of Life

Life is like a recipe from a cookbook. It has many ingredients of which make up your life. Each part of your life is an ingredient that eventually combined to create the bigger picture. And just as a cake needs a binding agent, such as egg you are the thing that pieces together these different aspects of your life.

It is important when following a recipe you have to have the right balance of ingredients in order to have a recipe that works. Just as life is all about getting the right balance. It is okay if the recipe changes a little, you may have to adapt it to make it work for you, but it has to work in ratios otherwise it just won’t work. This is the same in life we must learn to balance all the things we love into ratios that work for us so not to become overwhelmed. We much make sure that the binding ingredient can hold it all together… we must make sure that each person can handle everything on their plate. Balance is key, and finding that balance, or that recipe of life is key to helping us develop and grow.

The best part is, no two recipe’s have to be the same, often there are many variations on recipes to gain the same or similar results. The end goal in the recipe of life is happiness. If one of the ingredients suddenly become overbearing it is important to evaluate the situation and balance it back out. Life is about juggling and loving and it is okay to take some time out to find the perfect ingredient.

There are no secret family recipes to the recipes of life, they just exist to make sure we are socially spending enough time in all the important areas of your life. Just as with a recipe, not every ingredient has the same quantity, and life is the same. Key area’s deserve more time than others and it is important to get that balance right.

Life has a funny way of changing and we must learn to adapt. It is okay to seek help, when you need it. After all food is best shared among good friends.

Make good decisions, take care of yourself and if you need it please speak to a friend. Life is too short worrying about recipes, train yourself to become a chef of life and learn the skill of adapting the recipe as and when you need to. Take each day one at a time, life is a precious thing. Treasure it.

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