The Weight of the World

The weight of the world is a really interesting concept alongside the whole saying ‘they have the weight of the world on their shoulders’. The fun thing is the weight of the world has never changed, in all of the billions of years it has existed. No matter what we build that weight won’t change because we only ever use materials that already exist, so the mass weight never changes.

This means that no matter how much we build and how much we grow the weight of the world will remain unchanged because the materials to develop buildings has a mass weight that is already accounted for. The earth is such a marvelous and wonderful thing that we need to, as a species come together to save it for all other animals and future generations. Global warming is a real problem which we can still fix. I am sure you will have all seen some of the things we can start doing to reverse the issues and though they seem small, if we all do them everyday, big changes will occur.

As for the saying ‘They have the weight of the world on their shoulders’ means to have too many worries and responsibilities. Planet earth currently has the weight of the world on its shoulders and it is up to us to fix that. 11 years is all it will take for global warming to become irreversible. 11 years is enough time to fix that.

With the weight of the world on my shoulders, 
Today is different I think as I begin to go about my day,
I get out of bed in first thing in the morning,
But I'll make some changes along the way. 
I jump in the shower really quickly, 
And challenge myself to not take too long, 
Turn the tap off when brushing my teeth, 
As wasting water just feels wrong. 
A travel mug and reusable bottle, 
To keep my hydrated throughout the day, 
Not forgetting the carrier bags, 
I keep in my house, hidden away. 
I don't work very far from where I live, 
So I think I will walk instead of drive, 
But if it's raining or cold in the morning, 
The bus industry will thrive. 
These small changes I make everyday, 
Will add up and make a change, 
11 years to save the planet, 
A planet we still can save. 

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