The Sea and Me

Just one small sailboat, 
In the waves that make the sea, 
And on that small boat, 
Sits little lonely me. 
There's an anchor on the boat, 
It's not where it's supposed to be, 
It's used to bring us to shore, 
Instead it will be used to drown me. 
I wrap my hands around the rope, 
I cut it with a knife, 
Today will not be the day, 
That the sea will take my life. 
I suddenly open up my eyes, 
And feelings rush through my bones, 
I'm not out lost at sea, 
All along I have been home. 
There is a message to take away from this, 
When life has got you down, 
The ship and it's anchor, 
Will gladly watch you drown. 
So find a friend or seek some help, 
It's never too far away, 
Don't let the anchor win this time, 
Keep the boat docked in the bay. 

If you or someone you know feels like they are drowning it is important to 
seek help and reach out. There is always someone waiting to listen. Symptoms of depression and feeling like you are over run, are so common we often overlook them. It is important to stop, take a breath and look after ourselves and the people around us.
Take care and make good choices, don't let the waves of the sea drag you 
out and overpower you. 

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