Since finishing the Silent Companions, the second I read the blurb from this book I knew I was going to every second of it love it.

Doretha, also known though the book as “Dotty”, is a young woman from a “good home”. Her mother died when she was young, and so consequently she has been raised by her father. Dotty is an inquisitive young woman who wants more out of life than just being a married woman. Which for the time this book is set, is very forward thinking. Following on from her mothers interest, Dotty continues her mother’s fascination with phrenology and believes it can shed a light on someone’s character though analysing the shape of their cranium. She often does charitable work at Oakgate prison, and it is here where she meets a sixteen-year-old accused of murder named Ruth Butterham.

Ruth believes that she has a supernatural power and that she has killed people using her skills as a seamstress. Is she a skilled killer or is she a skilled seamstress? Is she both?

From the start the reader knows that the two women are from completely different upbringings. One woman is from a life of privilege and luxury with choices, while the other is poor, extremely poor. Dotty has known a relatively easy life. Ruth has known pain, loss, suffering, and heartbreak, and the two contrasting characters from a friendship.

I enjoyed every single moment I spent reading this book. I spent many sleepless nights unable to put the book down. The plot twists kept changing the story line making it impossible to put down. It was a well written story and was truly captivating. Personally I loved how both female characters showed strength in their own way and you got to hear their stories told though their own words. I was fully invested in the storyline and desperately wanted to know how things would turn out right from the start. Was she a killer? Was she just mad? Was she a supernatural killer? Was she a victim?

Laura Purcell is an amazing author who writes these books that grip your attention from the start and don’t let go of it. The plot twists throughout keep you on the edge of your seat. And what is a Laura Purcell novel without a little supernatural?

I couldn’t recommend this book more.

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