I may have mentioned that I am a university student. Consequently, June and July are two months that are critical to me, as this is when all the coursework is due in and we sit out exams. However, with university getting my undivided attention, I haven’t posted in the longest time and I think it’s time to change that. So, for every day in August I will be posting something, a blog a day. Although it’s a challenge and a lot of hard work, I enjoy blogging and I find it very rewarding. Here is today’s post, it’s a poem I wrote about burning bridges and moving on from the past.

Burning It All.

 We are people of the flames,
Because they tried to burn us down,
We was lying in the ashes,
From embers, we made our crown.
I am a child of the flames,
They will not dull the fire,
Because I was born to rise,
The smoke lifting me higher.
The past was pulling me back,
So I watched the bridges ignite,
I burned down my old life,
I set all relationships alight.
I warmed my hands on the flames,
Of the past that I was burning,
I had spent the past few years,
Growing up and learning.
These people do not care,
Past friendships, won't be my fall,
I think with a smile,
Burn it all.

I have had some bad experiences with friends over the years and it’s time to burn the bridge and rise stronger from the flames.

Here’s to a month of blogging, see you tomorrow!

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