To the people who don’t exist

I was thinking, after yesterday’s poem about burning bridges and moving on from past relationships about all the people who do not exist. Let me explain what I mean by this.

As people, it is human nature to grow and develop and change. However, as we move on through life and loose connections to people, they never get the updates version of you. This means that you continue living in their mind as a completely different person. What they don’t realise, is that person doesn’t exist anymore. That version of you has gone.

But not only that, you get to different levels of friendship and comfort around different people. Different groups of people and settings will bring out different characteristics in you. As a consequence to this, there are so many different versions of you that exist in people’s mind. I know from personal experience that if you asked everyone I’ve ever interacted with what I was like, nobody’s account of me would match. To some people I’m loud, outgoing, funny and laugh at everything. To other people I’m quiet and timid, who doesn’t get involved in anything and avoids conversation. To other people I’m argumentative and crazy. Yet this doesn’t do me justice because every version is so different and yet I am all. They are all just different parts of me. But everyone has this.

This means there are versions of you out there that do not really exist. These versions of you that people think they know, and if they talk about you they talk about, but that’s not really the whole picture. That means there are people who think they know me, and yet they don’t. They know a version of myself that I have aloud them to see, but that is not the whole me. Even writing this blog you don’t get the full picture, simply the elements I wish to present.

So to the people that don’t exist, thank you for allowing us to blossom, to grow and most importantly to learn. Thank you for guiding us into new territory. And to all the people I think I know, I understand now that I don’t, and I’m okay with that. I’m sorry for thinking I knew you and not thinking you could be more. To the versions of me that exist in the world, I’m not that person any more, I’m better now. And finally, to the version of me now, long may you continue to grow and better yourself.

Thinking about all these people that don’t exist, I wonder in a different life if I am still that version of me. If our past versions of ourselves stay with the past versions of our family and friends never progressing. The creative in me would tell a story saying that’s how we get our memories, we glance back to our past selves still with past versions of the people we know.

Long may we love and grow. See you tomorrow!

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