I’ve had a full day of working on my university masters dissertation. And today, my creative brain has hit full academia mode. I like to use this space to utilise my creative brain as I no longer get the opportunity to play my instruments. Aside from practising and writing songs and listening to new music, the other thing I do with all of my time, as you may have noticed is read. I love reading fiction so much and getting lost in different worlds.

So recently, I have been really unfortunate with the books I have chosen to read in that I haven’t particularly loved them. This is then when I find my problem with sights such as goodreads. I love goodreads and the concept of having a platform where people who love books can be and talk to other people who love books. However, sometimes I end up liking books that everyone hates, and other times I end up hating books everyone loves. Suddenly I find my own opinions worthless against the value of the popular consensus.

So sometimes, I end up thinking my opinion on a book is completely invalidated, and the issue is my opinion on the book alters depending on what other people have said about a certain book. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding a book, both positive and negative. I try so hard to not let other peoples opinions ruin my own experience and perspective on a book.

Everyone is entitled to their own experiences of a book. So I only look at reviews and comments after I have read the book and build my own opinion.

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