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Hello there!

So you stumbled onto this blog and you are wondering what this is? Honestly, me too. I guess maybe if I tell you a bit about myself it will help us both figure out what we are doing here.

I was given the name Leah at birth, not very exciting I know. It’s a name that can’t be shorted down, and a name of which apparently earns people the right to ask if I was named after Princess Leia. Let me start by assuring you that I was not. This question has taken over my life and also denied me from conforming to social trends such as space buns… It’s a shame really.

I’m a university student, some people may describe this as a ‘glorified alcoholic’. I can and will confirm that as I draw to the end of third year they would in fact be correct. I can only really make the situation worse by saying that I am a music student which just another way of saying that I have accepted that I am going to be unemployed for the rest of my life.

But, as with all university students, I haven’t exactly decided what it is I want to do with my life. (On behalf of all university students everywhere please stop asking us this question, we don’t know, will we ever know? Who knows?) I do however have little sections dedicated to different things I am interested in for my convenience really:

Lifestyle: Who even knows exactly what this is going to be used for? Maybe yoga maybe little things I discover through life that we should all enjoy. I’ll throw in reviews of music, up and coming bands to look out for, gigs I have been too, shows I would recommend. My opinion may not change the world but let’s get talking about the arts they need supporting. Maybe I will just talk about food or dogs? Probably, almost definitely,  dogs.

Stories:Anyone who knows me, knows that I love sharing a good story about myself and I have a few good ones to share. In the art of keeping friends, and mostly for the sake of them, I’ll change-up their names.

Research:I mentioned I was a university student. I research. Here you will find the interesting things  that I have read about and my masters research, I hope you learn something! Maybe you won’t find it interesting- and that is okay too.

Books: I have a feeling this will accidentally be the biggest section on this thing. I love reading so lets talk about books we like and why. No spoilers but lots of things to add to your reading list, oh and I am always open to book recommendations so hit me up!

Other non important facts about me that you probably do not care about but I will tell you anyway:

  • My favourite colour is yellow
  • I am not very good at maths
  • I work in a music shop
  • I believe there is a specific space in hell reserved for people who put kisses at the end of every sentence. x I am not being funny okay, but it is unnecessary. xx Just put them at the end of the message like everyone else does. xx
  • I have a worryingly large, and ever-growing mug collection and I really enjoy drinking endless amounts of tea
  •  Have I mentioned that I am dyslexic yet?

So that’s all you need to know really, though if you do have a question ask away, I am more than happy to answer! I hope you enjoy what you read.


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