Rewriting Stories 3

Surprise! Look what is making a comeback. Here we go again with the fairytale changeup. These fables and fairy tales were great when I was growing up because often they ended with a moral. It’s only now as I have gotten older that I’ve started to see the holes in some of the stories and realised... Continue Reading →

Coffee or Tea?

I never used to like coffee, I've always fancied tea,But since starting a masters,It's usually a coffee for me. Remeber that time, around summer when I was all "woo I'm going to be doing a masters"? You know when I mean. Well. I was wrong, I have made a terrible mistake and I would like to... Continue Reading →

Something A Friend Said

That's how I know you love him, it took me a while to realise but even when you needed to be on your own, away from people, your troubles and the world, you'd invite him over all the same. Time on your own meant time with him. I hope I find a love like that.

I'm hopeful that one day I won't wake up and say Good Morning, I love you for it to be the last time that I ever saw you.

Lost At Sea

I look at him and he takes me away to the middle of the sea. Together we are drifting, together we are free. We're hand in hand and floating, miles from the sand, we are so far in the water, we can not see the land. We stare up at the stars, he is the... Continue Reading →

The Colour of Love

She sees everyone, In all different shades of grey, But when she saw you, She could not believe her eyes, You was all different colours. Your smile shined deep red, Your hair was a mousy brown, Your cheeks blushed with pink, And your eyes a green sea blue. The colours bounced off of you. And... Continue Reading →

Man of Mist

Fog, Covered, Arms reaching, Man made of mist, Trying to grab me, He's got into my head, My thoughts all begin to blur, The man of the mist coming for me, My judgment is clouded, I can't see, My depression is catching up with me. I battle against the man made of mist, I beg... Continue Reading →

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,How different my life would be, If I made choices,Based on the things that I want, Not what other people want. Sometimes I will think, That the decision is mine, That I have a choice, But part of me knows, I don't,The choices are always yours. So I'm changing that, I am taking back control,These are my choices, And it is my... Continue Reading →

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