Places On A Map (p.s It’s Coming Home)

Look.The North-South divide is real okay. Going to university in the North has taught me about the hatred for the South, okay fine. I’ve accepted it. But let me clear a few things up okay. The Midlands is a thing. I’m not even remotely sorry for pointing this out. I am a Midlander, and I am... Continue Reading →

Rewriting Stories

Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with all things magical. This deep rooted love has developed in the start from my family, and our constant belief in magic. I grew up with stories of magic and mermaids and fairies and I had a sizeable imagination that went along side it.... Continue Reading →

Closing The Door

As I close the door, Memories run out with me, It’s not my home now. So onwards we go, To the new place we call home, Adventure awaits. I moved out of my little flat which I’ve lived in for 2 years now hence the absence. It was so stressful packing everything up but now... Continue Reading →

I'm done writing poetry on the backs of envelopes and napkins, Let me cover your skin in ink and the words I'm too afraid to say, Let me write it in the stars, on your heart and on the pages that fill your mind. ~Leah


They discarded us like useless seeds, Leaving our destiny to the breeze. We were carried away and lost, Afraid of the winter frost. But what they forget was even the smallest of seeds grow. We will rise up from the ground. So grow. Spread a voice of hope. Be the wildflower you were meant to be.... Continue Reading →

Counting On Falling Petals

Picking petals off a flower, They tumble to the ground, He loves me, He loves me not, Around until the answers found. The last petal falls, Down with it all my dreams, You see me loves me, Then he loves me not, Switching automatically. One day he’s around to love, The other, nowhere to be... Continue Reading →

Calm Before The Storm

She cast her eyes across the waves and watched as the sun danced over the water. She thought about how she was like the ocean, carefree and calm. But then she realised what else she could be. A storm of destruction, danger and fear, the waves crashing and bashing and destroying everything near. The sea... Continue Reading →

Him, Always Him

His presence always gave me the answers to questions that I never even realised I had. I don't know how else to say he was both the most calming and most exciting thing in my life. He was like a thunderstorm, dangerous and filled with energy, but beautiful to admire. He didn't realise it yet,... Continue Reading →

I think it's funny, How time can both change and heal, Once again I am happy. ~Leah

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