The Art Of Spoiling A Book

Books are wonderful things, whether they are fiction or non-fiction they are captivating and can hold your attention for a while. I do not think that there is much better than a good book. Which, is why it leaves me so unbelievably heartbroken when somebody comes along and just tells you how it ends. They... Continue Reading →


There really isn't to me, Anywhere I'd rather be, Than at home with you, All the people who, I love with all my heart, I hate to be apart, But I'm feeling all alone, And I just want to be at home. So the worst part about being away from home is feeling homesick. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →


One. Alone. Well, maybe. I'm not that sure. I don't really know. But I feel all alone. And there's the fact I don't know. Which probably means that I am. But I, I don't really want to be. All I really want is to be happy. So happiness is what we're going for. So I'm... Continue Reading →

Everyone Needs Love

Though his hands were warm, His heart was frozen in ice, Though his heart was cold, I could see he cared for me, The ice just kept his heart safe. Nobody could see, The way that he cared for me, They could see the front, The ice cold front he put up, But that didn't... Continue Reading →

Haiku Prompt: Rise and Fall 

Another week has passed and so it is time again for another haiku prompt. It's so interesting to see people's take on the challenge words- which this week are Rise and Fall. If you would like to have a go at the weekly haiku challenge, you can Join in here. The link will take you... Continue Reading →

New Spaces

I have just moved into a new house and it's such a strange environment. I made some sort of decision to undertake a music masters, which may or may not be the worst idea I've ever had. I'm undecided on how I actually feel about the masters for the moment, so I will with hold... Continue Reading →

Christmas Too Soon? 

It's Christmas! Well no, actually it's not. But commercially Christmas has begun. Everything is up in full swing. The selection boxes are on the shelves, mince pies are making a comeback and wrapping paper is on offer. That's basically means it's Christmas. I know you're thinking, but wait- where did November go surely it was... Continue Reading →


Rain on the window, I could sit and watch all day, So peaceful to see. The rain is my favourite weather, and so waking up this morning to it gently hitting the window was a lovely wake up call for me. I find the rain so fascinating because it dances and falls to the ground.... Continue Reading →

Dear Autumn 🍂

Cold, Yet warm, Leaves dancing, Colours are bright, It's that time of year, Animals hibernate, And there's a chill in the air, Wrap up warm or colds are in store, But the sun still shines in the cold day, Autumn it's great to have you back to stay. The floor is covered in leaves all... Continue Reading →

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