So much work to do, Though it will all be worth it, Making dreams come true. There's so much work to do for my masters that I'm finding it filling up most of my day! I am really enjoying all of the work I am doing at the moment and I guess that is the... Continue Reading →

Making Dreams Work

I draw back the curtains, And wipe sleep from my eyes, The early hour of the morning, It's time to rise and shine. I get dressed quickly,And run out of the door, To work on my dreams, Won't stop till I make them all. So I work and I work, Home I go every night,... Continue Reading →

She added a charm to her bracelet,For every life that she took, Though, she didn't have a favourite, As it was her personal scrapbook. The bracelet told her story, Of the boys who fell in love, The charms were the all glory,She still often thinks of.The boys were represented,In the charms, it was clear to see,The bracelet she invented,Could never... Continue Reading →

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