I’ll wait

Whatever you do, Wherever you go, I'll always be waiting, For you to come home. No matter how far, No matter how long, Distance is no problem, You're free to roam. Just always come back, To wherever I'll be, I'll wait for you, If you wait for me.

I'm hopeful that one day I won't wake up and say Good Morning, I love you for it to be the last time that I ever saw you.

The Colour of Love

She sees everyone, In all different shades of grey, But when she saw you, She could not believe her eyes, You was all different colours. Your smile shined deep red, Your hair was a mousy brown, Your cheeks blushed with pink, And your eyes a green sea blue. The colours bounced off of you. And... Continue Reading →

Looking For Stars

When looking for stars, I don't have to go that far, I look in your eyes. I can be lost for hours Exploring all of your soul.

Everyone Needs Love

Though his hands were warm, His heart was frozen in ice, Though his heart was cold, I could see he cared for me, The ice just kept his heart safe. Nobody could see, The way that he cared for me, They could see the front, The ice cold front he put up, But that didn't... Continue Reading →

Counting On Falling Petals

Picking petals off a flower, They tumble to the ground, He loves me, He loves me not, Around until the answers found. The last petal falls, Down with it all my dreams, You see me loves me, Then he loves me not, Switching automatically. One day he’s around to love, The other, nowhere to be... Continue Reading →

Him, Always Him

His presence always gave me the answers to questions that I never even realised I had. I don't know how else to say he was both the most calming and most exciting thing in my life. He was like a thunderstorm, dangerous and filled with energy, but beautiful to admire. He didn't realise it yet,... Continue Reading →

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