The Lonely Moon and I

Lone moon in the sky, We could get on, you and I, For you are alone, Making waves in the sea, And people say I'm a storm, Waiting to be freed, Conjuring storms in the blink of an eye, Crashing waves to the shore, Taking in passers-by, Our anger unleashed, Our power never will decrease,... Continue Reading →

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,How different my life would be, If I made choices,Based on the things that I want, Not what other people want. Sometimes I will think, That the decision is mine, That I have a choice, But part of me knows, I don't,The choices are always yours. So I'm changing that, I am taking back control,These are my choices, And it is my... Continue Reading →

Friendships Break Hearts Too.

Friendships are funny things. We choose these people that we like and we keep them around to talk too and we meet up with them sometimes. Some people we get on with instantly and other people we just don’t see eye to eye with. What many people do not understand is that it is perfectly... Continue Reading →

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