The Colour of Love

She sees everyone, In all different shades of grey, But when she saw you, She could not believe her eyes, You was all different colours. Your smile shined deep red, Your hair was a mousy brown, Your cheeks blushed with pink, And your eyes a green sea blue. The colours bounced off of you. And... Continue Reading →

Everyone Needs Love

Though his hands were warm, His heart was frozen in ice, Though his heart was cold, I could see he cared for me, The ice just kept his heart safe. Nobody could see, The way that he cared for me, They could see the front, The ice cold front he put up, But that didn't... Continue Reading →

I'm done writing poetry on the backs of envelopes and napkins, Let me cover your skin in ink and the words I'm too afraid to say, Let me write it in the stars, on your heart and on the pages that fill your mind. ~Leah

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