What If?

What if he is my sunshine,And without him my world turns gray?But darling, What if you're the sunshine, Bringing light to every day. But what if he's the moon, Lighting the night sky?Well the moon refelcts the sunlight, Without him, you'll get by. 
Your light shines bright enough for both of you.

Friendships Break Hearts Too.

Friendships are funny things. We choose these people that we like and we keep them around to talk too and we meet up with them sometimes. Some people we get on with instantly and other people we just don’t see eye to eye with. What many people do not understand is that it is perfectly... Continue Reading →

And That was That

So I walked through my apartment door alone, lost and with the stale taste of regret on my lips. You see I’d got back from the night before of drunken kisses and I love you’s. But when I closed your door and I turned to leave you be, I knew that I’d never see you... Continue Reading →

If you just listen, You'll hear my soul cry for you, But you do not care. ~Leah

I think he chooses girls like I choose books, He picks them just because they look good, But I have no intention of reading them through, Just like he won’t bother with you.

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