Something A Friend Said

That's how I know you love him, it took me a while to realise but even when you needed to be on your own, away from people, your troubles and the world, you'd invite him over all the same. Time on your own meant time with him. I hope I find a love like that.

When You Said I Love You

When you said I love you for the very first time, my whole room lit up with stars dancing across the ceiling, down the walls and filling up the sky. The room became so bright, I could barely even see, that's what your love did to me. When you said I love you for the... Continue Reading →

Him, Always Him

His presence always gave me the answers to questions that I never even realised I had. I don't know how else to say he was both the most calming and most exciting thing in my life. He was like a thunderstorm, dangerous and filled with energy, but beautiful to admire. He didn't realise it yet,... Continue Reading →

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