Hide and Seek

There is this 80 year old woman, Living on my street, Except every time I see her, She's always on her feet. She's searching day and night, All seven days a week, She's looking for her brother, She lost playing hide and seek. She often tells her story, Of the day he disappeared, She says... Continue Reading →

Man of Mist

Fog, Covered, Arms reaching, Man made of mist, Trying to grab me, He's got into my head, My thoughts all begin to blur, The man of the mist coming for me, My judgment is clouded, I can't see, My depression is catching up with me. I battle against the man made of mist, I beg... Continue Reading →

Photographs Hold Secrets

Photos hold stories, They hold moments forever, They tell my story, Better than I ever could, Whispering a thousand words. If you look closely, Photographs hold my secrets, Look you'll see it's true, They hold all of the secrets, I wouldn't have said to you. Photos can not change, Though the people in them can,... Continue Reading →


There really isn't to me, Anywhere I'd rather be, Than at home with you, All the people who, I love with all my heart, I hate to be apart, But I'm feeling all alone, And I just want to be at home. So the worst part about being away from home is feeling homesick. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →


One. Alone. Well, maybe. I'm not that sure. I don't really know. But I feel all alone. And there's the fact I don't know. Which probably means that I am. But I, I don't really want to be. All I really want is to be happy. So happiness is what we're going for. So I'm... Continue Reading →

Spreading The Love

The silence drowns out, Everything I want to feel, I feel so alone. I'm lucky because I have lots of people who care and look after me. People who check on on me. Yesterday was mental health awareness day and lots of people will be feeling alone and like there's no way out of this.... Continue Reading →

Friendships Break Hearts Too.

Friendships are funny things. We choose these people that we like and we keep them around to talk too and we meet up with them sometimes. Some people we get on with instantly and other people we just don’t see eye to eye with. What many people do not understand is that it is perfectly... Continue Reading →

And That was That

So I walked through my apartment door alone, lost and with the stale taste of regret on my lips. You see I’d got back from the night before of drunken kisses and I love you’s. But when I closed your door and I turned to leave you be, I knew that I’d never see you... Continue Reading →


He pulled me closer to him and looked through my eyes into my soul, He smiled and his eyes reflected all the times he'd been hurt, and one by one those images melted away. He twisted my hair around my ear removing it from the place it had fallen onto my face, And it was... Continue Reading →

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