Farewell October.

And so the thirty first of this month has rolled round, and that means that this is the last blog of the month. I blogged everyday this month. Sorry, I think I just left a typo. Because who knew I could blog every day in a month? I didn't! But you know, it wasn't as... Continue Reading →

Whispers Of Winds

Winter started not with a howling cold blast of wind, but with a whisper so soft that I missed it. The chill swept over the country blanketing the paths, as mothers tucked their children in to keep them warm. People wrapped up warmer and traded their summer t-shirts and shorts for warm woollen jumpers and... Continue Reading →


Rain on the window, I could sit and watch all day, So peaceful to see. The rain is my favourite weather, and so waking up this morning to it gently hitting the window was a lovely wake up call for me. I find the rain so fascinating because it dances and falls to the ground.... Continue Reading →

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