You have a heart so pure, And stars that shine from within you, There is stardust at your core, I know this much is true. The stars they live under your skin, You're a product of the universe, You have cosmos within, I live in the light you disperse.

Little Globes of Light

If you have read though a few of my poems, or you know me really will you know I have an absolute fascination with stars. This is something I have always had since a child and thinking about it probably stems from the fact my Grandparents call me their 'Little Star'. This is a name... Continue Reading →

When you said I love you for the very first time, my whole room lit up with stars dancing across the ceiling, down the walls and filling up the sky. The room became so bright, I could barely even see, that's what your love did to me. When you said I love you for the... Continue Reading →

Another week has passed and so it is time again for another haiku prompt. Although this week I have written a tanka. It’s so interesting to see people’s take on the challenge words- which this week are Art and Compass. If you would like to have a go at the weekly haiku challenge, you can... Continue Reading →

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