Sometimes I wonder,How different my life would be, If I made choices,Based on the things that I want, Not what other people want. Sometimes I will think, That the decision is mine, That I have a choice, But part of me knows, I don't,The choices are always yours. So I'm changing that, I am taking back control,These are my choices, And it is my... Continue Reading →

Has anyone else recently had their heart broken by David Attenborough, and the new show Dynasties. Well, my heart was broken and instantly I wanted to help out in any way I could. Which brings me to today's haiku prompt. The words are Exist and Today. Should you wish you can Join in here. Species... Continue Reading →

It's funny because I've just moved into a new house where we currently do not have any internet. It's only a few days temporarily, but it's amazing how lost you can feel without it. We don't have a tv licence or internet just yet and I feel like I'm missing out. Yet it's funny because... Continue Reading →

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